Registrations Open

Deccan RubyConf 2015

8th August @ Pune

A Single-Day Single-Track Conference


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Registrations Open

(These little signs are ‘Puneri Patya’ - helpful yet amusing signboards written in a distinctiy Puneri way)

Deccan RubyConf Turns 2 This Year

Last time we made it happen ('hao{ do!') and had a little fun. This time, we're taking it up a notch to have Full2Dhamaal.

Besides talks that are as much fun for beginners as they are for experts, this year’s conference also promises a 5k Run, a Futsal tournament & a Dhamaal party at a local brewpub.

Plus we continue our unique tradition of allowing corporate sponsorships for students. So students, APPLY HERE

What is Full2Dhamaal?

Full2 = Puneri slang for Full, Total, Absolute & Dhamaal = Marathi word for Enjoyment, Fun


Quiet Please


Turn Right

The What, The When & The Where

5k Run 🏃 7AM to 8AM Hyatt Regency
Conference Talks

(Tea & Lunch Breaks in between)

Hyatt Regency
Registration 8.15AM to 9.15AM
Opening announcements 9.15AM to 9.30AM
Keynote - Nick Sutterer 9.30AM to 10.15AM
Microservice architecture patterns with Gilmour - Piyush Verma 10.15AM to 10.45AM
Tea Break 10.45AM to 11.00AM
See data clearly with daru - Sameer Deshmukh 11.00AM to 11.30AM
Rails Request & Middlewares - Santosh Wadghule 11.30AM to 12.00PM
Concurrent Ruby with Celluloid - Dilum Navanjana 12.00PM to 12.30PM
Lunch 12.30PM to 2.00PM
Rails assets pipeline - Web marries Ruby - Abhinandan Kothari 2.00PM to 2.30PM
RFID Technology with the Internet of Things - Tworit Kumar Dash 2.30PM to 3.00PM
str = "Résumé". What encoding is that in? - Satish Perala 3.00PM to 3.30PM
Tea break 3.30PM to 4.00PM
Lightning talks 4.00PM to 4.30PM
Accessibility in rails form viable with WAIAble - Shantanu Choudhary & Sanghapal Bhowate 4.30PM to 5.00PM
Keynote - Satish Talim 5.00PM to 5.45PM
After Party 7PM onward Hyatt Regency


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